Turning Back the Clock

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Allie

I'm currently engaged and VERY attracted to my fiance. We met when I was 18 and he was 22 on my first day of college. I liked him right away, but we stayed just friends for years, even though there was chemistry. My friends teased me about how crazy for him I was, and even now, I can't keep my hands off him. 
We started dating when I was 22, after 4 years of friendship (now I'm 25). He spent so long ignoring me, even though he secretly liked me, that now I feel smug that he's crazy about me. I've always been attracted to younger, inexperienced men and liked being in control during sex. My fiance and I have a bit of a gentle femdom dynamic in the bedroom, like I hold him down a bit and take control and tease him and make him beg, but since he's older and was my upperclassman in school, and we got together so young, I never got to experiment with the age thing. 
In my fantasy, I have a time machine and go back in time to when he was in college, either a few years before we met or right after, so when he was like 19-22. He'd recently broken up with his girlfriend and was in a dry spell, and he'd never had a very fulfilling sexual relationship. All the women he dated before weren't very giving sexually. The first time I gave him a blowjob, he was shocked that I actually wanted to and kept thanking me afterwards and getting embarrassed, which I found really cute. 
Anyway, in this fantasy, I just find him at a party, or knock on his dorm door at night, and tell him very bluntly that we're going to sleep together. Maybe he's never met me, or maybe he already knows me and has a crush on me but hasn't told me yet, but can tell that I've changed a lot. I don't have to be nervous like I was back then, because now I know that he's attracted to me, even if he hid it well, and I have the advantage of years of experience with him. Maybe I tell him that I'm his future wife come back in time, or maybe I'm just like, "Hey, you're hot, take off your clothes." I fantasize about this because our relationship has totally expanded his sexual boundaries and we've gotten into things that he never told anyone that he wanted to do, or things that he didn't even know that he wanted. What I fantasize about is showing up out of nowhere, this confident older woman who knows exactly what will turn him on and exactly what he'll like in bed, even better than he knows himself, because of our years together. I want to completely take control and blow his mind, just drive him totally crazy for me like a teenager having his first sexual awakening. I find it so hot when he's got no control over his reactions.