Triple Taboo In the Office

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mikachu2

When I first met my boss, he gripped my hand too tightly. I didn't think anything of it until I noticed him noticing me, watching me drink my juice at lunch break, or lingering when I bent over a desk to reach for some papers. I felt nothing until one day, he gave a talk about creativity and how life is too short to make work we don't love. Then I fell in love. It was an electric triple taboo. He was in his mid-forties, twice my age; he was my Executive Creative Director; and he was married. He knew it was electric too. He wrote "Sadie Hawkins" in my notebook, inviting me to flirt with him. I left sexy post-it notes on his desk when he wasn't around, so he would find it in the morning. He would stare at me during meetings, bite his lip and adjust his crotch. It made me wet and I masturbated to him every night, imagining him fucking me on his office couch. I was his first affair.