(tr)eat your girl right

A Sexual Fantasy

— By open4everything

I really like to please my girl - and so does she. Sometimes during foreplay, she arouses me so much, that when we finally get to fuck our brains, I am the very first to cum. Usually that marks the end of our sexual encounter. But in my fantasy it still goes on:

I always imagine that she, not satisfied at all, takes the reins and demands the same satisfaction that I was granted. She just wont stop riding me, rubbing her sweet pussy and clit against my now limp dick. But as this won't satisfy her either, she swiftly moves upwards and straddles my face. She lowers her cum filled pussy onto my mouth and forces me to lick her to climax - and I willingly obey.

I would really do anything to make her cum too, so I feast on our combined juices, licking every drop of cum out of her sweet vagina, slowly paving the way for her orgasm with every single stroke of my tongue. Reaching climax, she screams out loud, dismounts me and kisses me passionately, sharing both our sexual flavors.

This is my little dirty fantasy, which may never come true. But maybe I will be the one to initiate it soon - because I really like to please my girl.