Trans in Public Shower

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Water being

I'm a trans woman and I fantasize about showering in a public shower with other women. I'd be in a corner only showing my back side, nervous about exposing my penis. Then some of the ladies would start suspecting and begin to stare. Then one girl would come over to me and confirm her suspicion and begin to humiliate me by telling others. They would express their disapproval of me being there and they would exit the shower. All but one. She comes close and begins to console me. She says it's all right. We both hug. We start to kiss. Then as I agree to it, she gets on her knees and starts sucking my penis under the unbiased drops of water. Another showerer walks in but we don't care. I cum all over her mouth and face as the semen combines with water making it more liquidy indistinguishable. Then we go for a swim.