The train home

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sophielithium

After just missing my last direct train home l hoped aboard one that would take me home, but through half of my city first. It had just ticked over into the next day and l was coming home from a disappointing first real 'party'.

A gorgeous man with brown hair and yearning blue eyes sat in front of me and looked back at me and smiled. He moved next to me and we started to chat. He was from Cornwall, England and studied geology and had a thick sexy Cornish accent l could hardly contain myself over.

I complimented him on his beard which led to him teasing me to touch it, which l did - with great enthusiasm. As l stared in amazement at the raw sex of his beard he moved closer to me and before l could pull away he was kissing me with such drive l felt like a little rabbit standing next to a stag. I can still picture vividly his mouth and beard moving closer just before kissing me - even after all this time.

There were a handful of people sitting behind us - I felt so naughty and exhilarated at the thought of being watched.

I remember dragging my nails down his neck, onto his shirt and grabbing a handful of it and twisting and pulling it towards me while he reached for my upper thigh and clawed his nails into my skin - leaving hot red lines and me wanting more.

I remember him interlocking his heavy manly fingers with mine and using all his might to squeeze them. For the first time l felt his strength and felt so vulnerable next to him which turned me on even more.

I remember him grabbing onto my waist and pulling me towards him with such tenacity and brute it almost hurt.

I remember him telling me l was the first Asian chick he had ever done anything with, it sort of felt like an honor to break his 'Asian' virginity.

We parted ways when our train journey came to and end. I still fantasize about my encounter with this mysterious British man from time to time - oh the crumpets l would buy for another provocative and titillating night with this hunk.