Touching Without Touching

A Sexual Fantasy

— By my_life

Samantha our life long family friend was visiting us again. Her husband didn’t come this time. I am also a happily married man, but Sam and I always had a connection. We never really cheated but bent the rules a few times. We watched each other take showers and even masturbated on front of each other. We never had the chance to pleasure each other before. The next day, we had a barbeque planned for an extended set of people. Before anyone arrived, Sam took my phone and downloaded an app and paired it with a Bluetooth device. She explained that it’s a remote-control app for her new vibrating panties she had on. She put herself in my hands, sort of speak. She said that with people around it will be so much more exciting. She will be discrete and quiet whist being pleasured. We agreed some hand signals like stop and faster. She told me this won’t be cheating, as I’ll never actually touch her. I spent the morning teasing her via the app. Got her close to orgasms a few times even when she was talking to people. She was good at hiding what was happening to her, apart from the occasional clenches. Only I could pick up on the subtle signs, like beads of sweat on her forehead, heavier breathing, sitters. After I had enough of teasing her on front of our friends, we set down in the s living room, and I once again cranked up the app. She was visibly clamping up every few seconds. She had both her hands in fists holding onto the sofa’s arms. Sam leaned forward in her seat closing her legs; I could see she was very close to cumming. Our friend continued to talk to us and we continued to respond like nothing was out of the ordinary. Sam made a slight noise like “ooh”, her breathing never really slowed down and with the app on now max level, she was having trouble hiding her climax. At this point I was just letting the vibrator do the work and watching Sam in ecstasy. Her cheeks were bright red. She crossed her legs and leaned forward. Then suddenly she took a massive breath and let out a sigh of angst. I figured that this was it. She kind of shuffled in her seat and put her more obscured left hand between her legs over her jeans pushing into her pussy. She kept her hand there for 10 seconds before giving me the ‘ok’ signal. She had her orgasm. I pushed stop on the app. She let her clench release, leaned back into the sofa and removed her crossed leg from the other. She wiped the sweat off her forehead. No one was the wiser. After she calmed down, she signalled me to follow her and she gone upstairs into her room. Everyone remained downstairs at this point so it was just us up there. She unbuttoned her jeans. She put her hand into her pants and moments later she had two fingers soaked in her juices on front of me. I took her hand by the wrists and pushed her two fingers into my mouth. I closed my lips tight around her fingers and pulled them out of my mouth slowly. I licked off all her juices from them. It was amazing.