To Pee

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alex Boop

I really need my boyfriend to pee on me. Not my face, not my hair -ehew - but starting gently over my breasts, down across the folds of my belly, through my lovingly groomed pubes, and, oh god, onto my cunt. The full force, the stringing wet piss, hitting my clit as I hold myself open for him. But I can't tell him, I'd die. But I need it, need to know how he'll be, can he hold off an erection to give me what I need? But I can't tell him, and this is the reason why. I'm so ashamed, my cheeks are on fire, my pussy tingling. I hear him in the mornings, emptying his full bladder. It's not enough, just not enough. My confession, I need his friend's pee too.