Tired, but hungry

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sarahjeanne

I'm a divorced mother of a 4 year old who works at a local magazine. I've been seeing my new beau, a gentlemanly, tattooed painter with clothes always sullied by his materials, for a little over a year. For me, the sexiest part of our relationship is that I don't have to balance the roles of dedicated mother and dedicated lover. His love is easy. It's attractive to him that I'm a good mom, and it's ovary-wrenching for me to watch him enjoy interacting with my daughter.

I love reading her a story before bed and seeing him walk by the doorway and smile a warm, contented smile. I love walking back down the stairs and sinking tiredly and excitedly into the couch, with a whiskey and water waiting on me... talking and laughing with him about work, current events, music, art, until something as simple as the shadows filling the shapes of his knee or his eyes lighting up when he has an idea makes touching him irresistible.

He knows how to make me cum in 5 minutes flat, but we like to take our time (most of the time ;)). I hardly ever sweat, but am covered in his by the end and smile just thinking of us joking about it. I love smoothing his cum into his sweat all over my torso. I love the comfort and excitement of a fairly new partner who loves me wholly and from whom I don't feel the need to keep secrets. And I love giggling like a high school kid when we're trying to keep the bed frame from hitting the wall and waking my daughter.

I love trying out new toys and ideas with him, but the only thing we use consistently is the jar of coconut oil I keep by the bed. I don't know why anyone uses regular lube... basically, I'm living my fantasy. No makeup, pajamas, tired-from-a-long-day-but-still-hungry-for-all-of-you sex is my favorite and I'd love to watch it play out on screen