Tipping Points

A Sexual Fantasy

— By the moving babe

Sexually speaking, the memories I cherish the most are the « okay it’s happening » moment: the very first sustained gaze, the first time desire is clearly expressed with words, the first touch that leads to sex. Heart racing, all doubts left behind.

I like to think that it has something to do with shyness, and have a hard time believing that cocky people can feel that way. I enjoy picturing shy, bashful people fucking.

What I have in mind is a movie made of a split-in-two screen. The left half shows a shy, soft flirtation, slowly leading to an embrace, the other half shows the same people fucking like animals. On the left you have a slow, tender build-up, on the right you have hot passionate sex done the right way. I imagine the end like this: on the right we see the couple cuddling, all happy and satisfied, only for the left to show them reaching a tipping point, closing the loop.