Time to Work Hard

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Metaxxa

Since I was working in a major corporation my skills for time management had to go up. It was so stressful I had trouble to rest. Sunday morning I was still sleeping when I felt a hand roaming under the sheets. My boyfriend slowly stroked  my legs, rubed my back and squeezed my bum moving forth and back. I rolled on ma back. The massage continued. When he got to my shorts i was ready to jump his bones, but he obviously wanted me to beg. Now he crawled under the cover and started to kiss my inner thighs at the same time his hands found my breasts and drew small circles around my nipples. That's fucking multitasking. A long moan escaped my throught. I swear I heard my man smirk with sadistic satisfaction. In that moment my phone started to ring and reapet "time for your break!". My partner froze and looked out form the covers. "what's that for?" he asked. I blushed. "it's a time managing app. It's called pomodoro. I work for 25 minutes and have a 5 min break and so on. I forgot to turn in off." "so..." he started he's eyes flickering and his mouth just few inches from my nipple "so it's 5 min break and 25 min of fucking?" I bite my lip "don't forget to reapt" I said.. The remaining 4 minutes I looked at his face, the short breath from desire, the hard erection so close my pussy and yet million miles away. "that's stupid, just fuc.." he put a finger on my mouth making me even more wanting, so i slowly  started to lick he's finger just like I would his penis. Jackpot. He closed his eyes and growled with restrain. The second my phone cheerfully alarmed "its time to work hard" we jumped each other. He started to kiss me passionately the same time with one hand moving my pj's out of the way and pushing himself in to my wet vagina. I put my legs around him pushing him even deeper, my hands over his shoulders scratching his skin. There was no slowing down or adjusting, just rough fucking till we both came with loud moans. We were lying, out of breath, grinning with pleasure when my phone spoke "Time for your break!"