I thought she was repressed

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ando

We both lived in a very small tight knit, very pious community in Adelaide. She came from a strict catholic family and attended a convent school. She led a life of intense rigour and devotion, though it was somewhat against her will. Once she baked Macaroons for me. Overall she was an incredibly vibrant girl.

I met her at a robotics tournament for school when we were both younger. A week later we caught up and decided to go for a stroll. We spoke for such a long time that we didn't even notice that we'd walked all the way to the city! We agreed to meet again. When we met next, we did much the same as we had done previously, only this time she suddenly, unexpectedly asked me a very direct question: "Could I please see your dick? I want to see what your penis looks like." I was shocked but I obliged.

We couldn't do it at her house as her younger brother was home, so after much persuading she convinced me to pull it out along the banks of a dry riverbed in a park instead. This was where my friends were playing football and we were behind the changing rooms so I was genuinely afraid of getting caught. This was my first sexual encounter. I undid my belt and pulled my trousers down. My penis hung loose. For the first time I felt the breeze on it. My penis hung amongst my fledgling pubic hair and she didn't utter a word as she grasped it and began to peel my foreskin back and forth until it went stiff and she started to pump it. I came. I loved the sensation that somebody might catch us in the act - even better was that the reputations of our schools might be compromised as we still had our uniforms on!

Afterward I asked her how many dicks she'd seen, she told me that she had seen 4. "Well done, yours is the 2nd biggest I've seen, the biggest is Luke's, he flashes it in class but the professors don't do anything, they just look at it" she said. Later I got to know her, then I fell for her.