This was the seventies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Karen Eliot

When I was a teenage apprentice, I worked in an office full of much older women, including a brassy and confident woman who was always bragging about her sexual adventures. She was tall, small breasted, wide hipped, with a wonderful large bottom.

One day I heard her bragging about how she'd explained to her mother (who had never had one) how to have an orgasm, and later that day, when she was on her own in the office, I told her I had never been able to make a woman cum.

She looked a little shocked and then laughed, and then said "would you like me to tell you how to make a woman achieve orgasm?"

Of course, I said.

"But you can only watch, I'm not going to let you touch me" she said. She then took me a large darkroom we used in the office for developing photographs.

She asked me to place a chair on the far side of the room, removed her t-shirt, and ran her fingers along her neck and shoulders, telling me where I should kiss and where I should lick.

Her armpits were hairy (this was the seventies) and she ran her fingers through the dense hair, pulling down her bra straps and exposing her breasts, showing me how to stroke the underside, and then to run first my fingers, and then my tongue across her nipples.

Unbuttoning her jeans, she turned around and showed me her large arse, rubbing her cheeks with her hands, and sliding a finger between her buttocks. She then dropped her jeans and rubbed her finger along her slit, telling me always to take it slowly, to wait until the cunt lips yielded and I could feel wetness.

Finally, handing her knickers to me, she sat on a stool and opened her legs, inviting me to look at the folders of her labia poking through her thick hair, the hood of her clit, the shiny pink button beneath, the opening of her pussy, and her dark and wrinkled anus, each time explaining how I should caress and touch and lick to make a woman cum.

It's the most intense erotic experience of my life and yet I never touched or even kissed her.