They shoot, we score...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Hannah

This happened around 10 pm in the middle of summer in Montreal. My roommate had just started going out with a girl. My girlfriend and I came back to our apartment to find them busy in the living room and decided to go to the park for a walk to give them their space.
When we got to the park, the soccer field was all lit up as a match was going on.
We sat on a bench to watch the game, but soon got too involved with each other to keep watching.
We could not sit still and started walking around the field, stopping every once in a while to make out and fondle each other. Unfortunately, we knew we could not get back to the apartment to make love.
As we were walking, my girlfriend saw an opening in some bush a little further away from the soccer field and drew me away from the path.
With the sounds of whistles and people screaming on the field, we lay down in the pine needles and tore down each other's underwear until we could satisfy our urges. We stifled our moans as other park goers walked by, hidden as we were in the bush a few feet away from the path, in the darkness between lampposts.
The game ended as we were pulling our pants back on and we walked back to the apartment to find my roommate cuddling in front of a movie.