Their Unfamiliar Lips

A Sexual Fantasy

— By selva

I have two nights dreaming that I kiss someone, every night is different lips, sometimes thin, other times fleshy. Sometimes they have a familiar face, sometimes just not. I don’t remember when our lips get close and the kiss starts, I just remember the feeling of his lips, his tongue in my mouth or our tongues meeting passionately. My hand behind his soft hair, holding it passionately while our moves our head in an only rhythm. The first time, I was sitting on top of him, feeling his erection between my vulva while we kissed hungrily, as if we had never felt so much chemistry in a kiss, I felt like I could live on his lips and he could live on mine. From this point I’m very wet, only waiting for his finger inside on me.

The second time they were fleshy lips, lips that I could bite and exert pressure without hurting him, I remember collecting his saliva with my tongue in his jaw as if I didn’t want anything to escape from my lips. Like someone who is thirsty and looks for water on other lips. I woke up intending to dream about those kisses again, to remember their faces, their lips or just keep kissing them one more night