The Voyeurs witness

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xtech

I caught my roommate masturbating to Xconfessions. It was kinda late so he thought I was asleep. I got really nervous and didn't know if I should be peeping, but my curiosity took over. At first he just had his pants down and was masturbating, but then he stripped completely naked and I had a better view. His dick got very wet and then so did I. So I began to masturbate too. Before you know it, I was totally naked too. I would alternate masturbating to my roommate and then to Xconfessions. I could hear his breathing and that excited me more. I would try to match his pace of masturbation. After a while, he finally came. He kept as quite as possible but I could still hear his moan. I was able to see his ejaculation. It was a lot. At the moment I came as well. I kept quite too. I shut my door and went to bed. He will never know that I masturbated to him.. Unless he finds this confession here on Xconfessions.