The Train Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DonoPhoenix

The Train Ride is about two strangers that meet online in a NSA forum. They agree to meet on a public transit train. Only knowing the time, and the stop of when each will get on the train. The man's stop, puts him on the train before the woman gets on the train. Confirming each other, with only the knowledge of clothes they are wearing and a mischievous smile. At first there is no one on the train but them. It all begins with some careful fondling fingers; under her skirt, as the train stops and goes, with each stop and go, more fingers explore the pantieless crotch. One finger, two fingers, a thumb explores her ass, before she orgasms standing there. As other passengers enter the train, he pulls his hand away, only for her to now face him and shove his hand and fingers back to her wanting, wet pussy. The three ladies that entered the train, hardly pay attention to them except for one keeping them in the corner of her eyes. Our mystery woman, sees the straining bulge in his jeans, she pulls his hand from her again and begins to lick it clean. She grabs him by the hand to lead him to the next empty car. As they hid behind an Ad panel, she drops to her knees and her only purpose is to lube him up before having him fuck her hard and fast as the train nears the depot. At that moment, he thrust deep inside her, all boundaries are broken no protection, no birth control, she demands he fucks her harder and faster. Just has she starts to orgasm she tells him now, do it now! He slams deep into her and releases everything he's got. Not, knowing the three woman have been watching the whole time, each masturbating in one way or another, tits out and all. The start shouting Brav-O Brav-O Brav-O Startled by their audience, he pulls from her, hearing the audible spatters of cum hitting the cold metal floor. Composure, and as the exit, one woman says, "You two are a wonderful couple!" She responds, "Him? I don't even know his name!", as she kisses him and exits the train. He shrugs his shoulders and and quirky smile and exits the train.