The tall dark policeman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Gry

I always have had these wild fantasies about police officers. All my life. I also know that it's quite common, still though I think it is the most sexy thing ever. I have a lot of different fantasies about police officers. But they all have one thing in common. And that is dominance and power. I am a working girl with my own house, my own car, none of this I owe to anyone but myself. But in my fantasies I am being dominated and desired by these male police officers. For example, I fantasize about being pulled over by this tall, darkhaired police officer with the perfect beard and dark brown eyes. He asks for my drivers license which I give to him without questioning it. He then asks me to step out of the car. Obviously nervous I step out. My green eyes meet his and it is a instant attraction. I gasp and so does he. He look to the right and to the left to see if someone sees us. Very determined and with those strong arms he pushes me against the car and starts kissing me. This intense kiss you only see in movies with rain falling down on you, you know. We enjoy each others kisses until he says if we can meet after his shift has ended. I nod of course. Later that evening we meet outside in the dark where no one can see us, and let the passion guide us. The passion leads us to having sex with handcuffs, in the backseat of his car, on the front of his car and in the grass with nothing but the wind being heard, beside from us. All of this with his uniform being on the whole time. Of course with a condom. After what seems like a wonderful forever we lie in the grass, sweaty with our hair being all messy. Perfectly content with our experience with each other we say goodbye and never meet again.