The Subjectivity of Beauty

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bea

I am a cis man who loves to wear dresses. Whenever I wear dresses, I feel happy that I get to express my feminine side, but sometimes I think that I'm not beautiful enough, that I'm not feminine enough, or that people will find me weird for wearing clothing that's traditionally worn by women. In my fantasy, I meet someone who loves me for who I am. We first meet at a bus stop where we chat with one another. We exchange phone numbers and arrange a date. On our date night, we head to a fancy restaurant where I'm wearing a luxurious dress and diamond earrings. During the first part of the date, we're chatting, but as the date continues, we begin flirting with each other until we both know what we want: sex. My date takes me to their place, an apartment on the first floor of a building, and they show me their room. We begin taking off our clothing one by one until we're fully nude. When we're both ready, my date pulls out a couple of toys: a vibrator, a butt plug, and some lube. My date fills my ass up with lube and inserts the butt plug in me. I begin dousing their genitals with lots of lube. I give them a handjob then I slowly transition into giving them a blowjob. After, I lay down flat on the bed, my date places the vibrator on my penis, and we begin making out. Once that's done, my date pulls the butt plug out of me and slowly begins fucking me. I moan more and more as they penetrate me deeper. My date caresses my chest as I wrap my arms around them, wanting more. By the end, I cum all over myself, panting with a pleasured expression. For the rest of the night, we lay down, snuggling each other and enjoying our time together.