The Ski Lodge

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wwildebeest

A number of years ago, I used to work at a ski lodge as a bartender. The place had about 75 employees, most of whom lived there in the lodge in various wings of dorm-style employee housing. A week or two into the season, I met this gorgeous blonde girl who lived two rooms down the hall from me. Our wing was in the basement, and down the hall on the same floor was a cozy lounge / game room. We started to hit it off playing ping pong, drinking games, skiing, and the likes. We exchanged numbers, and one night I told her how my one roommate was sick and I was bummed I had to share the room with him. She told me I should come to her room, and asked, didn't I know she liked me.... so, I obliged. I opened her door and slipped straight into her bed with her lying there, waiting for me in the dark. I had no idea the kinds of wild erotic rides I was about to embark on.

There was one spicy night that stands out in particular from this period of beautiful intimacy. Since each of our rooms had two people, hooking up naturally became a bit of a task to figure out timing of work schedules and skiing plans to find some privacy. It wasn't abnormal to spend a night together with her roommate there, but getting into it was another story. So one night, her roommate is there and so am I. Roommate is presumably sleeping, but who knows. So we're whispering to each other, confessing to one another we're both horny and want to fuck. At this point in the night it was well past midnight on a weeknight, so we got to thinking about public spaces where we could go be mischievous with nobody roaming around. It didn't take long for us to charge down the hallway and open up one of the hotel elevators. We close the doors, and now we know this space is all ours. I tell her to sit on my face, and she happily agrees. Just two relative strangers who just met a few weeks ago, drinking each other in in the secrecy of a very public space that just so happens to go dormant at night, like most people do. But not us on this night. We moved on to the lounge room down the hall after getting our fill of elevator excitement. The room is, once again, all ours of course. She sits me down on the couch. Condom goes on and she rides me like a stallion while the bookshelves and puzzles and board games look on. Then I grab hold of her and bend her over so she's kneeling on the couch with her head beyond the armrest, and I plunge my rock hard cock deep into her wet pussy just like our canine friends would. We loved every minute of it, and I'll never forget this night. Queue the Donald Byrd, oh the spaces and places I've been...