The Second Coming of Christ

A Sexual Fantasy

— By necrohell

This is a multi-dimensional story about Christ coming to terms with his sexuality. He is not a heterosexual. However, he lives a fairly normal life, marries a woman (Mary Magdalene?) as is expected of him, but he's secretly struggled with this situation his entire life. He searches for why, and he begins to identify with other marginalized people in ancient Judaea, and soon begins a pursuit into local politics, which eventually leads him to create his own ministry & practice, primarily targeted towards social justice. Finally, he is surrounded by other men in whom he confides, trusts, and identifies with in a way he's never experienced before. At the same time, his activities remove him from his normal life with his wife. She eventually gives him an ultimatum -- he will lose her if he remains so distant. We arrive at the apex of the story -- reluctantly, he makes love to her after an impassioned argument, and he begins to weep at the end of it. At that moment, his most trusted friend, John, shows up and says, "Jesus wept." (referenced later in John 11:35). Embracing his friend, he leaves and goes to meet Peter and James. Jesus then "rises again", and the four of them engage together, resulting in the "second coming" of Christ. When that happens, a golden light from the heavens shines on him, and only then does he take his true form as the Messiah in a robe that we all now know. Soon enough, Jesus is unfortunately outed as a gay man. For this, he is crucified by the Romans. This is the real reason for his capture and execution, and not his political dissidence. This illustrates similar plights around the world, where politics is met with resistance, but homosexuality is outlawed.