The Runner Up

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cookiecream

My girlfriend and I used to go for a walk were a lot of runners train. A forest were you can also take a relaxing walk. A time she dressed really sexy, short skirt, nice sandals, and a sexy top. We teased each other and I fingered her when there wasn't much people around. This got me fantasizing about seeing a runner which my girlfriend finds very attractive. After he crosses us for the second time we notice he got excited. At the end of the walk we see him stretching and drinking some water. I encourage my girlfriend to go and seduce him further and I tell her she is allowed to go suck him off. After she starts to talk to him I see his dick getting hard in his pants. After all she looks smoking hot. Then she drops to her knees and gives him a great blowjob. Putting her lips firm around the head of his dick. I start to masturbate and come after a while. He pleasures her with fingering and oral. When this is over we say goodbye and walk back. Her lips looking cherry red from sucking and excitement... Who knows if this fantasy ever comes to life...