The Runner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By cookiecreamjammie

My girlfriend and I used to go for nice relax walks in parks and forests. Once she dressed really sexy for a walk and the walk ended up in teasing each other, fingering and stroking my cock. It was pretty exciting because there were also a lot of runners that trained over there. That got me fantasizing about my girlfriend with the same outfit, short skirt, sexy sandals,... and meeting a runner which my girlfriend finds really hot. Whe crossing him twice we notice he also got excited by my girlfriend and when he takes a break I encourage her to go for talk with him. I whisper her she's allowed to seduce him and suck his dick. When she asks him if he trains a lot and so on I notice he's got a really hard dick from seeing her. She drops to her knees and starts sucking him off, he has a really nice cock, large enough but a really nice head, which fits perfectly in her mouth. The scene got me really hard and I start masturbating while seeing them. While sucking him he starts fingering her to an orgasm. She squeezes her lips really tight around his dickhead and sucked the last drop of cum out of him. We greet each other and walk away... this fantasy I like so much that I still hope it one day will become reality.