The Reunion

A Sexual Fantasy

— By humpinaround

We have been happily married for years. Still, my wife fantasises about the passionate sex she had when she was young and wonders what happened to that guy she used to "hang" with.

She applies to be a contestant on "The Reunion." XConfessions schedules a date. The host of "The Reunion" meets my wife at a cafe. They sit and talk, about her love of classic movies, her interest in organic clothing, and her passion for hunting wild mushrooms. Eventually, the host would veer the conversation towards the guy she "dated" when she was twenty-two, the player who hunted women. It was an on-again off-again relationship. She never connected with the guy outside of the bedroom, but there was intense sexual chemistry.

All the sexual innuendo is a turn on. She talks about how he just took what he wanted, over and over and over again. The weekends she spent in bed, never getting dressed. That no matter how much she loved when a guy went down on her, she always found herself going down on him. It's been a long time since she has been able to sit on a guy's lap, a long time since her breasts were small enough that a guy could cup one entirely in his hand.

At this point you ask her if she would like to meet her ex. My wife wouldn't be surprised. After all, the goal of the show was to arrange this reunion. The host takes her to a hotel, where he waits.

Like in the past, they don't have much to talk about. The conversation at the cafe was too much, anyway. She knows that once she sees a good-looking guy with his shirt off she gets turned on and once he takes his pants off its going on. She is already flushed from the anticipation.

You were all so kind. You paid attention, you were flirtatious. The two have sex as if they are twenty-two again. Mission accomplished.