The Orgasm Academy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Johanni

I have slept with about 12 men until my 26th birthday.
I like sex, I enjoy it, but I have never had an orgasm before.

I thought I could never have one, maybe something is wrong with me.
Then I found her. She was a business lady, a friend of a friend of a friend. We met at a vernissage. After some glasses of champagne and the inspiring atmosphere of an art-gallery, nihilistic photography around us, I told her about my misery. She laughed. With a smile and the expression of an experienced woman, she told me: "Girl, there is a lot that you have to learn …"

I blushed. She was nice, but it is not a quite good feeling when somebody is looking down on you. My response; a bit angry and perky: "So teach me then!"

She taught me EVERYTHING. She helped me to find my fucking G-Spot, showed me all those crazy toys, a bit of BDSM, female ejaculation; sometimes she joined me, but most of time she watched/supervised me learning how to give pleasure to myself.