The New Mom

A Sexual Fantasy

— By becomingmomagain

Once we were talking about our sex fantasies. We came through the conclusion that we almost have the same conclusion: Sex involving an extra man. My husband loves to see me having bareback sex with this best friend. He loves the idea and risk of his friend shooting his sperm inside my womb. My husband had a vasectomy after 2 kids. He loves to see his best friend fucking doggystyle and he is between my legs so that he can see his friend's penis fucking me. And at last, eating the sperm out of me to avoid pregnancy. I have the fantasy of his friend fucking him bareback and coming inside his ass. My husband lies on his back. His best friend fucks him in the ass. I sit on his face (getting eat out) and french kissing his best friend. One weekend in January 2021 our fantasies became real. Through quarantine and curfew our best friend stayed over. We both lived out our fantasy and our best friend was very willing to help us. The thrill of becoming pregnant again was very arousing. I now have baby bump of 4 months. It is beginning to show. We often relive this weekend and are very happy about it.