The Narrator

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

A narrator is basically a voice-over in a documentary. He or she is commentating and describing what is happening on screen. (Think of David Attenborough narrating a series of nature documentaries for BBC). But what if... What if we did this with an XConfession? A dry, well pronounced, well spoken voice, with an distinctive British accent? Explaining in a dry, to-the-point manner what we see on screen? For instance: "The female subject is bringing her mouth to the groin of the male, apparantly in an attempt to pleasure him orally". The narrator stays cool and correct through the whole video, never gets aroused about what is happening on-screen until the uninvetable end. At the end of the video he thanks is all for watching, and ends by saying: "This is (His/Her name), thank you for watching!