The Museum Tour

A Sexual Fantasy

— By lostinthought1058

I have a fantasy of being fucked in an art or history museum. Being surrounded by beautiful and interesting artifacts that are arousing (such as lovely naked sculptures or paintings). I would want to be there with a handsome intellectual telling me what I may or may know. As we peruse the exhibit, he would stand close to me and sneak touches of my body while we pretend it is nothing out of the ordinary. We are the only ones there appreciating the cultural space and each other. The build up of sexual tension reaches a precipice and we break the utter silence in the empty exhibit room. He leans me up against an exhibit wall to kiss me aggressively and we feverishly undress ourselves in order to make love. The risk of being caught by cameras or people is thrilling and turns us on more. We make history by fucking in a space that is reserved for formality. Above all, it's a truly exhilarating experience and worth the prolonged tour ;)