The Murder Mistery Dinner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By OneAndOne

We like murder mystery dinners. We did that a few times already. It has always been a great amount of fun. For those who do not know: it is a dinner where everybody plays a role and together you try to solve a murder mystery throughout the evening. This evening, the setting plays in the 1920s. So there are a lot of possibilities in dresses, jewelry a.s.o. Since we like dressing up, me and my girlfriend put a lot of effort into our costumes and are eager to play our roles. However, this time we all agreed on only taking roles of the opposite sex. So actually our male friends wear glamorous dresses and the girls dress as mafia bosses and gentlemen. We have to laugh a lot since the girls acting male looks a bit stupid and funny. We, boys, have trouble with our dresses and look funny too. However, as the evening progresses everybody gets more and more confident in their role and the wine helps too. The girls start complimenting our looks and even start hitting on us. Although we are a bit embarrassed at first, we like the compliments and start to enjoy being pretty and acting female. Everybody has a great time and we party very long. We even start dancing with switched roles. After dancing my girlfriend kisses me and whispers in my ear, that she is very aroused by my looks and wants to fuck me with a strap-on. We say goodnight to everybody and go to our guest room where we have incredibly sensual sex. The next morning I am a bit late for breakfast. Entering the kitchen I recognize the girls giggling. "Why are you laughing?" My girlfriend answers: "Honey, it seems that we were a bit too loud last night. But no need to be embarrassed. It turns out that I was not the only one enjoying my pretty boyfriend". We all agree on doing this again.