The Man In The White Van

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lola

I was traveling with some friends in New Zealand, and I was using Tinder. We were in a tiny village, which you could literally drive around in under 10 minutes, and there wasn’t much to do, even the bars were closed. I opened Tinder and matched with Keith, he messaged me asking if I wanted to go over to his “shed” he didn’t even try very hard. I had already watched 2 Harry Potter movies so I had to say yes. It was raining too so I asked him to pick me up. When he messaged me to tell me he was outside my hostel he was in a white van. My friends told me not to go, but I wanted to see him, he had blonde long hair and I have a soft spot for that. I got in the van and gave him a scare, he didn’t see me coming. He drove me to his house, which was actually a shed, there was a kayak and a surfboard just outside. He was a kayak instructor, who I had actually seen earlier that day. He gave me a local feijoa liquor and told me about his stories with tourists. I couldn’t hold off any longer and I straddled him. We had sex two times that night, and I never saw him again.