The love of his death

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Natalie

A young woman has just closed on her first home. She's having pizza with her family after the long move when shit gets weird; a typical haunted house situation. The previous owner sold the house under value and moved out in a hurry, leaving most of her furniture and the ghost of her angry husband. After several days, the young woman can't take the harassment anymore and begins to talk to the ghost. She can't see or hear him but she can feel his presence and they develop a form of communication. Then the agression turns sexual as the two warm up to each other and both discover the perks of his invisibility, tirelessness and the cool sensation on her skin when he touches her. He uses his ghost abilities to brush her nipples, tickle her clit and kiss her neck when she's least suspecting, which is especially pleasant in the summer. They do kinky stuff with people around because no one can see him: she sits on his face when her friends are over for game night, he tortures her while she's on home office zoom meetings, and he fucks her in the garden when the neighbors are raking. Turns out he is actually deeply sad (the typical emotion behind anger) because he walked in on his wife of 30 years fucking someone else. That's what triggered his heart attack and subsequent death. She was the love of his life and now he is blissfully existing with the love of his death but there are restrictions... He can't leave the grounds of the house, he can only touch/manipulate items that are attached to his past, and he can't kill anyone but he can choke them to the point of passing out ;) He needs the young woman to help him move on or else he will end up occupying all of her youthful years and she definitely wants children. After a lot of discussions and agreement-making, they decide to form a polyamorous relationship with a younger (alive) man, satisfying all of her desires.