The Library Boy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Direktricen

Almost every day I go to study at the university library and a couple of weeks ago a guy made a joke as we were standing in line for the bathroom. Ever since then, we have kept on smiling at each other and constantly making eye contact. I fantasize about him all day long. I can barely concentrate on my studies. I don’t know his name or what he is studying. We sit in a silent study hall every day studying for our finals, but every time we go to grab some water, coffee or a break we catch each other’s eyes. I fantasize about us both staying late one night where we are the last ones left in the library. He comes to my desk and ask me out on a date to which I agree. But since we have been both looking at each other for almost 2 months now, the air is filled with sexual tension so he then grabs me and kisses me passionately. I finally get to touch his trimmed biceps and he takes me right there on the table, knocking all of my exam papers down. He starts to lick my pussy while he fingers me, and after I imagine him fucking me so intensely that all my stress about grades begin to disappear.