The Last Time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Syd

My best friend of much of my life and I met in church, and were raised in strict religious families. This made our habitual lovemaking and "fooling around" problematic, and forced it to be kept secret forever. But I recall one time specifically, the day before her and her family moved across the country. We were faced with the realization that this was the last time we would be seeing each other for a long time, maybe ever. I tried to be strong and act like things were fine, but inside I knew I'd be losing a part of me forever. The last time we made love was an indelible experience; if I shut my eyes tight enough, I can still feel her hands on my breasts, her mouth...everywhere. It was ecstasy in the truest, purest sense, I felt like I had left this plane for another sublime place. Since that day, I've only seen her in my dreams, but when we reunite there, it's always as perfect and boundless as it was on that day.