The Jilling Instructor

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jiller

I’ve always loved the idea of another woman telling me how she’d like me to masterbate to her. I often fantasize that This beautiful woman comes over to my house, she sits in a chair next to my bed. She helps me relax and get comfortable before we begin. Then once I’m ready, she begins to slow strip down into her lingerie which obviously makes me super wet. She can see my excitement and whispers to me “Start rubbing your clit for me baby”. As I start rubbing I’m completely mesmerized by her beauty as she lays in the chair, one hand teasing her hard tits, the other beneath her panties rubbing pussy. I gaze at her, rubbing at whatever speeds she tells me to. As we both get closer she removes her lingerie and starts fingering herself. She encourages me to finger myself as well, I sit up so we can get a good look at one another and lube my fingers with my mouth before sticking them inside myself. We lock eyes as we pleasure ourselves, moaning loud for one another, as we longingly gaze at each other. I’m right on the edge of cuming as she starts to count down “10, 9, 8,” she pauses as the pleasures surges through her body. I’m not sure how much longer I can last when she moans “7, 6, 5”. As she gets closer she moans louder “4” seeing her feel so good has me ready to explode, but I can’t just yet not until she says “3, 2, 1. Cum with me baby! I want you to cum with me!” We both release having huge body shaking orgasms together. Our fingers are covered in our own cum, I see her suck the cum off her fingers and it so fucking hot. She then encourages me to do the same and I do. We then lay in my bed together and hangout for a bit until she has to go and meet with her next client.