The Husband Comes Second

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Horny Husband

A long time ago my very attractive wife and I were sitting on a beach in Spain. The only other person there was a handsome Spanish man not far from us. My wife said "Go over to him and tell him that I am your sister and that I want to make love to him." I complied as I wanted her to be happy, and secretly it kind of turned me on as well. As I walked back to her he came with me. He sat down next to her and we talked for a few moments. They very much liked each other, and couldn't wait to make love. After only a few minutes they walked to his sports car and drove off. Late that night she was dropped off at our hotel by her Spanish lover. As she came in our room she said "I can barely walk. My legs are shaking. I was so excited I just let go and screamed with pleasure, even after he told me the neighbors could hear me. I just didn't care." As she took off her clothes she said: "Be careful with me, as my pussy is still swollen and tender from hours of making love with him." My cock was rock hard by now and we started to kiss. I remember how excited I was kissing her sensual mouth, then looking at her slim, petite, sexy sun tanned body as I made love to her in missionary, super horny from knowing another man had just fucked that delicious pussy for hours which I now felt around my cock. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago, and my lovely wife after 9 years left me for another man. But oh, how I would love to relive that day again.