The Hotel Fantasy

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HedoNegril

My wife and I share our fantasies and try and make them happen. My wife wants to still feel attractive and assured that she is. I suggested we get a hotel room downtown and have a little fun. I told her I booked us a room and I would meet her there after work. Pack your sexiest clothes I told her and ask for her key at the front desk. When she checked into the room, I had left her a note to dress lusciously sexy and I would meet her at the hotel bar around 7:30. 7:30 rolled around and here she came down to the bar. I was nearby but hidden from her view. I saw her take a seat at the bar. She looked so incredibly sexy. I saw the bartender hand her a note I had left with him earlier which read – Enjoy your evening but I can’t make it until later tonight, fulfill your fantasy with anyone you choose and know that I am ok with it. I watched as a few men spoke to her had a couple drinks bought for her. There was this nice, well dressed black man that seemed to give her a lot of attention who eventually moved next to her and started up some conversation. They talked, laughed and I could tell my wife was feeling the wine she had been drinking and was into him. They eventually got up and he grabbed her hand and began to leave the bar. She stopped by the restroom in the lobby. I hoped they were going to our room so I headed up there and hid in the closet. It was at this moment I thought, oh shit, what if they went to his room or somewhere else. I had to trust her and in a few short minutes I heard the key turn and the door open to our room. They came in and after some small talk I could see through the louvers of the closet doors that they started kissing and making out. He eventually began to slowly remove her evening dress as she began to undo his tie and remove his clothes. It was getting pretty heavy as he laid her back on our bed and began to lick her pussy which my wife loves! Her moans of pleasure were getting heavy and vocal. She then lifted him up and guided his dick to her pussy as he slowly entered her. He fucked her so slowly for a bit before picking up the rhythm and fucking her really hard. She sounded like she was about to cum when he told her he was cumming to which she grabbed his ass and told him “cum in me, give it all to me”. He continued pumping his load in her as she encouraged him for every drop until they both fell exhausted next to each other. I was about to explode myself. I saw her stroking his dick as they lay there. She told him she was expecting someone so it would be best if he went ahead and left. They kissed more and he left. She then went into the bathroom and took a shower. While she was in the shower, I came out of the closet and acted as if I had just arrived. I was curious as to what story she would tell me. We continue to allow each other to act out our fantasies with each other which only makes us stronger.