The German Reporter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay

I came to Germany from India to study Masters. While traveling from Munich to the city to my university, I meet a beautiful strong, short lady in her mid 40s. She was dressed in business attire and very attractive. We started talking, we exchanged emails and we started talking over skype soon. She realized very fast that I am a submissive type, as she has been Domme to few young men like me in past. So she started poking my sub side more in details. After a while we decided to meet again in a hotel in Stuttgart. I was suppose to grab key from the reception as the room was booked on her name and the receptionist gave me a collar along with the room key, it was so shameful on one side but arousing on other. I entered the room and I found a letter on the floor with instructions. In the letter was written, She will be in hotel room after the meeting at 5 Pm, and I was suppose to take shower get rid of all my body hairs (she had a razor in bathroom), and at 4:50 I was suppose to leave my door unlock and slightly open and I am suppose to sit on my knees with collar around my neck and wearing nothing but just the bathrobe. Bathrobe was suppose to be open not closed.

At 4:45 I heard some steps closing towards the door.. I felt scared and my heart was beating so fast. My eyes were down, head bowed in her service, suddenly I heard "ah thank you very much just drop the bad here next to the bed please" I looked up the receptionist was there with my Goddess, and the receptionist smiled at me slightly. Mistress is finally in the room. I stayed in slave position and then Mistress came towards me and patted my head , with one hand she locked leash on my collar and with other hand she pushed my head towards her heel, She said lick.......