The Gardener

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Rhea

Walking in my vegetable garden is like walking in a sanctuary. When I enter, I take my shoes off so I can feel the raw earth under my feet. While I work with different plants, I love how the morning due, rests on my skin, and how goosebumps come out like mushrooms after a summer rain. I will savour the smells of the earth, and enjoy the way it sticks to my skin when wet. I like how the touch of fresh fruits and vegetables feels on my skin. I also love how full and ready to burst, the garden seems, when all is plump and ripe. Dark, shiny, full eggplants. I sometimes go into the greenhouse, squad down between the rows of eggplants and use one to masturbate. Sweat and cum, I offer myself to the garden, to the Earth.

Tonight I’ll have some friends for dinner. I’ll cook some steamed eggplants with soy and sesame.

The consummation is complete, the harvest is shared.