The Evenings´ Entertainment

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ellie Mirror

When I am alone and playing with myself, I close my eyes and imagine I am surrounded by a lot of strangers in masks. I am laying on a platform, tied down, in the center of the room. All eyes on me. A powerful and confident woman is talking to the crowd telling everyone that tonight I am their slave and that they are going to have fun playing with me. I am the evening´s entertainment.

The woman starts tickling me, and more people start touching and teasing me. They continue playing with my body, my breasts and clit, laughing when I react to their touch. They loosen the ties and turn me over. I lay on my stomach as they spank me, everyone taking their turn. They continue to play with me as they wish until the woman wants me to orgasm. She brings out some sex toys and masturbates me until I am close. When I come the whole crowd goes wild, they shout and laugh as I shout and laugh. I am their slave, and I am grateful that they let me come.

The thought of so many people taking part in my joy and sexual pleasure, is a really big fantasy and turn on for me.