The elevator pitch

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Brbra

He is one of the most gorgeous people I have met. To me, he is something I wish I would have prohibited myself from before. Everything about him is highly intense, and being in his presence is addictive. I will never forget the first time we showered together. We entered the bathroom all sweaty and with our minds still thinking about the previous scenes. He started the water in the shower. I joined him, and he immediately went ahead and started going all over my body in one hand, holding this solid soap and gliding it in a delicate yet hot and passionate way. As the soap melted under the water and was spread all over my naked body, I immediately recognized the brand of the soap by the strong soapy smell of it. I thought I would never meet anyone who is using it, and I almost screamed right there and then: 'You are using Dove?'. I have never experienced this level of arousal in a shower. It was produced by the combination of the smell and the texture of the soap when he glided his hands to every corner of my body. I completely surrendered myself to him and to that experience. Since then, I cannot think about anything else than wanting to enter the shower with him, connecting with his deep dark chocolate eyes, feeling his soft skin, and wanting him to melt the soap on my body and melt my body under his hands. This is his elevator pitch.