The Distant Call

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Dione

In the silence of the night, when the sleep is the sweetest, I just love it when one of us moves a bit, or turns from one side to another. Sometimes, that alone, is enough to become a distant call for our bodies to find each other in the middle of the night. I feel her hand gently but thirstily searching my body as if in some kind of quest. I try to see her in the dark just using my touch. Under her nightdress, I find her hard nipples that beg my hand to stay a while longer when I pass over them. I hear her moaning. The dark void of the room is calling me. Our bodies start to twist and turn. The night has possessed us. Her bite on my belly, then her soft lips hugging my dick, send a deep shiver through me. I smell her wetness on my hands, and like the wolves that sensed blood, my whole body comes alive. I let my body get lost in the tangled mess of bodies, bed sheets and darkness. And now the hunt I the hunter or the hunted?