The dessert’s a house special

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HeARtsXoXo

Yesterday my wife and I went for dinner to some high school friends of mine who just got married. We chatted the evening away and had a fiew drinks in the process, especially a great Gewurtztraminer white wine. It’s been a lovely evening and I found myself pretty tipsy when I finally got to bed. It seemed my brain enjoyed the evening too since my dreams brought me back to the dinner. There was more chatting since my friend’s wife M. brought out a bowl with a single candy in it. She offered it to me saying: “Take it, I held it in my pussy all night and now it tastes like it!”. I was puzzled as I watched both my wife and my friend encourage me to take the candy, as M. smelled it and said the sent was divine. It was at this point that I woke up in my bed with a raging erection, and wondering how would the dream eventually play out.