The Bull

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bullied

Everything about him is huge. His arms. His muscled legs. His astonishing cock. Her pleasure when she's with him. I had only seen pictures and videos of him, making my wife scream. Today he's in front of me, smiling. I'm on my knees, next to her. One minute later, my wife and I stare at each other, open eyes, with that hot piece of flesh on our lips, licking him. Our tongues caress him and each other. I can't manage to swallow as much cock as she can. She has trained way more than me. So, I'm the one who will be tied to the chair, in front of the bed. I decline the offer of being blindfolded. He kisses me. His tongue is also huge in my mouth. I'm glad that you want to see how I fuck your wife, he whispers. You know the rules: if she doesn't manage to make me cum, you'll be next.