The best of both worlds

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sarah

There are two men in my life. Both are my lovers, but each has something very different to offer. One is a friend, an amazing lover, a giver and confidant. But he doesn't invoke immediate desire in me. There is no passion between us, but a mutual sexual connection. We know how to fuck each other well, and we're unafraid to share our sexual desires. The other makes my loins ache with desire. I yearn for his touch. He's charming, sexy, smart, and flirty. We have chemistry unmatched by anyone ever before. The way I feel just being near him is electric. We're more emotionally connected but there are boundaries. And he's more of a taker, less interested in how he can please me and more interested in being pleased. I often imagine what my life would be like if these two men were one and the same. If there could ever be a perfect man, these two combined would be the result. He would be my soulmate, I would never leave his side. If only he were real...