The Barn

A Sexual Fantasy

— By red state wonderer

Brokeback Mountain seemed edgy and surprising (to some) when it came out. "Oh! There are gay cowboys?!" I wonder about a seemingly straight-laced Montana couple who has discovered BDSM on their own, no liberal night clubs or liberated city people needed. I picture him in the barn, recognizing that he likes how some of his tools cause a little pain when he runs them across his arms. Asking his wife to see what she thinks of how it feels. Seeing where that goes. Bondage not inspired by a picture seen online but by the actual act of not letting someone touch themselves or someone else.

I'm curious: what is kink as a natural act, not a cerebral one (which is also natural) that has been learned and taught (as so much of it has). Where does it come from and what does it look like across class lines, without the fancy toys and learned norms of how to 'play'?