The barber shop

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Eros erotica

I always go to the same barber shop near my house and the same Asian lady cuts my hair. She’s at least 10 years older than me, long hair, amazing skin and eyes. She’s got an amazing body for her age and she is very sensual. I sometime fantasize about her while she cuts my hair and i am glad that there is a cover over me to hide my hard on! I think of her alone in the shop with me , the cover over me , she’s got a cotton summer dress on and it shows off her amazing body. On this day she stand very close to me… our bodies make contact while she reaches out to cut my hair…This time it feels as if she’s pushing up against me more than usual or necessary. I can feel my cock getting hard. She touches my neck and face more than usual and it drives me crazy. She then flips the chair more horizontal and puts a towel over my eyes. For a second there is silence and then she reaches under the cover and stroke my cock through my pants and whispers to me she’s wanted me for a long time and do i want it as well… I say yes… With the towel still on she unzips my pants and she takes out my hard cock. She strokes it and then i could feel her warm mouth sucking the tip and then the full length of my cock slips down her throat. She then gets on top of me on the chair and i could feel her weight shift to allow her pussy to be in reach of my mouth. She was wet and warm and tasted amazing. She moaned as my tongue and lips suck and lick her clit and the rest of her pussy. I was amazed the orgasmed so quick! She then slipped down , and slipped my cock into her. She moved up and down and rode me so hard. I told her i was going to come and she did not stop.. I had the best orgasm of my life and it felt that i was ejaculating for hours. At this point , reality set in and she told me that she was done with my hair… It was just a fantasy…. I did tip her for the haircut and i cannot wait for my next haircut and daydream !