The Art of Projection Mapping

A Sexual Fantasy

— By thevoyueur

I've always been fascinated with how lights and visual projections work and can change our perspective of things around. To take things to the next level, I ordered a BQ 96710 projector and filmed my partner and me having sex in a warm lit room. The next day we tried a different filter color and filmed our sex scenes in a more intimate angle. This went on till three more days and we experimented a lot with our postures and colors. A day after I edited all of the footage from the projector and created a montage of the best scenes and sounds from our sex, the end result was a visually stunning piece. Something me and my partner never thought of. We immediately played the final output in through the projector and waited patiently for the scene to unravel. The moment we saw ourselves in a different reality, we couldn't hold ourselves back. What started as passionate french kisses quickly escalated into deep thrusts and moans all over. We saw an alternate version of us having sex in the entire room. The whole experience of watching yourselves having sex at the same time was so immersive and liberating at the same time.