Texts With Benefits

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ben

I’m a guy in his mid 30’s and I’ve been with my wife for a long time, she’s the only woman I’ve had sex with. I have always enjoyed masturbation too. I have a fantasy that I develop a friendship with another woman whereby we become regular sexting partners. A way I can experience someone elses desire, talk openly about sex and fantasies and share pictures with someone else solely for the purpose of helping each other enjoy masturbation and get each other off in a less ‘solo’ environment. At times this could even be quite functional, just receiving a text in the morning or late at night “hey, i’m masturbating, fancy joining me?” The nature of text conversations adds to the hotness for me, the short questions and answers, the quick back and forth, the excitement of seeing that next message, wondering if it will be a teasing picture, the thought of someone else somewhere in the world hanging on your every word, ready to orgasm. The fantasy sometimes extends to my wife finding the messages, then enjoying reading them whilst she’s alone…..