A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lindsay

so, I love these shorts erotic films, have watched many of them, and only after a while did it occur to me that I am longing to see tenderness, or even love, as well as very erotic, slow, purposeful touch. Something that is emotionally charged as well as physical. Not dull for a moment, slow and building. Explicit and caring.
Almost holy when you get down to it.
Also I love to be touched slowly by a man's hands, his hands exploring me for quite a while, pleasing me, slowly playing with my labia and clitoris, entering me, getting covered in my massive wetness.. his curiosity to explore, look at and examine me.
My sexuality is very connected to my emotions, I notice that when I am with someone... my passion increases with my emotional interpretations of movements, a whisper... and dies off when that connection isn't strong.