Tell Me All About It

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jiri

I am sitting in my sofa, she is playing with my cock. We see each other after two months, she spent them studying abroad. She had sex there with her friend. I know about it, because thats how we roll. But now it's time for details.

She sucks my dick, strokes it, but mostly, she is looking into my eyes, telling me all the hot details. I've seen his picture so my fantasy is going off the charts - mixed with our own sexual memories.

When she's done talking, she moves to my ass and gives me one of her fantastic balls/rim jobs. I close my eyes, recapitulating the story in my head. When my breath is getting faster, his breath is getting faster, when she audibly sucks my balls, so she does his, when I am finally coming, he is coming too.

Now her hot sexual experience is our hot sexual experience. The intimacy of it is absolutely fantastic. Goddman I love her and this was beautiful.