A Sexual Fantasy

— By James

I had a roommate who would love to tease me knowing that I was trying to be celibate after a long term relationship. She would walk around our apartment in skimpy clothing, brush up against me at times in the kitchen, leave her panties on the bathroom floor… she loved playing this game with me, my will power is strong and I had a mission. She continued her on slaught of teasing, she purposely wore tight long t shirts with no panties, on one incident while watching a movie together she bent over crawl on the floor looking for something. This move was to show me her bare pussy… to my surprise the view was intoxicating me as I can see that she’s wet, I felt a animal urge to crawl behind her and sniff, taste and have my way with her….. after we had our way with each other, she told me the build up of teasing me until I broke help her have strong orgasm…